Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance at Aurora Healing Arts - Gainesville, FL

Every Sunday @ Aurora! 7pm night dance, then the next Sunday, an 11am dance we call Ecstatic Dance Church!

Ecstatic Dance is a magical time and place in sacred space to completely let go and be yourself! Listen to your intuition. Let your body and breath, be your guide. Let the music move you.

Join us in this free-form movement! Lead yourself through a diverse mix of music from different genres, eras and places around the world. Follow your heart to get in the flow and find yourself in the dance!

-90 minutes of “5-rhythms” style ecstatic dance.
-Culminate the dance by relaxing in a gong bath
-Followed by a delectable vegan potluck!
-This is a substance free event – Get in an altered state completely naturally!
-This dance happens every week!

Whether you think you can dance or not, please come out!!! This is an opportunity to step into the unknown and find yourself, once again! Feel like it will be uncomfortable? This is common, and also a huge opportunity for growth. We promise, this is a safe container where we step out of judgement of one another, and ourselves.

Sound Healing

Mat Chandler and the Native American Flute - Aurora Healing Arts, Gainesville, FL

Join us for this subtle yet profound healing modality of sound healing. Using instruments from around the world, like flutes, gongs, crystal bowls and so much more, your guides lead you on a journey of the heart and leave you rest, rejuvenated and renewed in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Primal Play

Primal Play - Aurora Healing Arts, Gainesville, FL

With Primal Play we explore ways to create freedom, health and self discovery through natural movement. Your fitness has a higher purpose and how we move is a direct reflection of how we live our lives. We will build strength, freedom of movement, adaptability, and mindfulness to help our lives become richer. We will explore the modality of physical play to break free of the rigid confines of “fitness”.. Exploring and expanding our potential as adaptive and evolving humans. This unique perspective on movement will include many movement games and challenges to awaken physical and mental potential. It will also include structured movements patterns and flow movement to create more personal freedom ~ Come Have Fun And Explore Movement!!

This class is facilitated by Demyan Khrolenko