Hi, My name is Demyan Khrolenko. I am grateful to be a part of the constantly evolving community and sacred space at Aurora Healing Arts. Being able to contribute to a community that is rooted in truth and love is really a wonderful thing. In our modern world of specialized training into isolated skill sets I believe that having a diverse movement practice is an often overlooked and key element of Spiritual, Mental and Physical development and well being. I believe we thrive when we are forced out of habitual thought, emotional or physical patterns and are put into novel situations that we must adapt to. I love seeing the carry over of my movement practice into all of my greatest joys in life.

Some of my passions are my Family, Mycology and exploring nature. All of these things are enhanced by being a capable and adaptive mover. I have a very diverse background in physical movement practice from many different realms since a young age. Following that passion, I was eventually led into the fitness industry where I taught a large variety of classes from strength training, kettlebell, yoga and much more. I eventually had a break through where I realized that what I love is diversity of movement and adapting to new skills and situations. Some of my more recent inspirations for my movement practice include Dance, Circus and Martial Arts.

Now with Primal Play we explore ways to create freedom, health and self discovery through natural movement. Your fitness has a higher purpose and how we move is a direct reflection of how we live our lives. We will build strength, freedom of movement, adaptability, and mindfulness to help our lives become richer. We will explore the modality of physical play to break free of the rigid confines of “fitness”.. Exploring and expanding our potential as adaptive and evolving humans. This unique perspective on movement will include many movement games and challenges to awaken physical and mental potential. It will also include structured movements patterns and flow movement to create more personal freedom ~ Come Have Fun And Explore Movement!!