Mathew Chandler founded Aurora in early 2015. He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and uses this to create a beautiful world in which he wants to live, most immediately by facilitating the space which is Aurora Healing Arts. He is a certified yoga instructor and teaches a weekly flow of kundalini and hatha yoga, with a touch of T’ai Chi in the mix. Mat is also a profound sound healer and specializes in the gong, native American flute, frame drum, singing bowls and more.

Life-Coaching and Clarity-Work, Bodywork in the form of Thai Massage, and BioDynamic Cranial Touch, are some of his most purpose-filled passions and favorite form of therapeutic service. Every Sunday he leads Gainesville’s largest 5 Rhythms style¬†Ecstatic Dance¬†and is driven to provide a space which allows others the freedom that this healing modality provides.

Perhaps his most endearing passion of all is in building community where individuals may find themselves and experiencing self-transformation, growth, and unlimited love. You can find Mat at Aurora almost any day, tending the garden or teaching a class, unless he is traveling the world at the moment, which he does often. Please stop in and see the space which is now a beautiful mandala of conscious community creation.