CranioSacral Wave Therapy with Mat Chandler - Aurora Healing Arts, Gainesville, FL


Running up and down your spine is a current of energy that is very powerful. This is a highway for all healing in the body to occur, from the physical, mental, emotional and more subtle spiritual realms. It activates and balances your chakras. It can heal where you need it to, without even knowing it. It moves where it needs to move…

This healing modality is one of the most difficult to describe. It is a very subtle, non-invasive energy work. In the practice, we do not consider there to be a giver and receiver, but rather, we are both there and I am a conduit for presence to channel through me and into the person on the table. This activates the innate healing energy in one’s being and allows for that energy to move where it needs to, with exponential potential. Yes, I know it sounds far fetched, but I’d suggest coming for a session and feeling first hand what the energy in your being can do for you when we both meditate on it. You are powerful.

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