Kambo Frog

History of the Frog Medicine

There is a legend that tells that the Natives of the village were very ill and the Shaman, Kampu, had done everything that was possible to cure them. All medicinal herbs known were used but none helped his people’s agony. Kampu then entered the forest and, under the effect of Ayahuasca, received the visit of the Great God. He brought in His hands a frog, from which He took a white secretion, and taught Kampu how to apply. Returning to the tribe and following the guidelines that he had received, the Shaman, Kampu, was able to cure his people. After Kampu’s death, it is believed that his spirit has started living in the frog and the indigenous began to use its secretion to stay active and healthy – from Kambô, The Spirit of the Shaman.

When to Use Kambo
The indigenous tribes say the main reason to receive the natural vaccine is to remove ‘Panema’ which is the thick cloud of haziness that sits on top of the energy field of a person. ‘Panema’ can also be translated as bad luck, laziness, depression, or confusion.  It is the state of being that attracts discomfort and disease. Kambo is said to remove ‘Panema’ and bring the person back to his/her natural state of perfect harmony and highest physical, emotional and spiritual potential, reconnecting one to self.  According to the tribes, when nothing is going right in your life, it is the right moment to take Kambo.

As well as this energetic clearing effect, Kambo has potent physical benefits also. Kambo is used as a traditional shamanic medicine to gain strength, maintain or regain health, and to provide immunity. The tribes, often times, apply it before hunting, in order to increase strength, improve vision and lend the hunters a ‘magical’ ability to locate prey. It is also used to cleanse the body of just about any illness, such as headaches, allergies, thyroid problems, arthritis, infections, addiction to pharmaceuticals, drugs, nicotine, alcohol, and so on. The tribes also use it for rainforest specific issues, such as malaria and snake and spider bites.

Traditional Caboclo recommendation is to receive a full 3 applications of Kambo within one moon cycle (28 days) in order to achieve the full potential and for longer beneficial effects.


Kambo was a life-changing experience for me. It shook me out of an internal blockage I had been feeling for a while, and I immediately felt like I could reach clear communication within and without. I have to admit I was afraid of the purging process, but the very fact that I was driven both by the medicine pulsing through my body and the rhythmic and supportive music that Mat was offering around me to rise up in my strength against that fear and release into the experience was so empowering! I could tell that my body was letting go of so much that was no longer serving me, and afterward, I felt a lasting clarity both mentally and physically.
Paola V.
I recently had my first Kambo Ceremony with the guidance of Mat Chandler. The medicine helped to bring up emotions and clear out negative energies resulting in feeling clearer, cleaner and lighter energetically. I knew little about Kambo before the practice but I trust Mat and feel safe under his care. I watched a Kambo Ceremony in the Amazon on Youtube when I got home. I marveled at how Mat had embodied the ceremony. My experience overall felt sacred and important for the times we are in. I got to have this incredible journey without flying to South America. Grateful!
Vicki V.
My first time experiencing the sacred Kambo medicine allowed me to deeply release and cleanse all levels of my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. It reminded me to open up to who I am, which is eternal and infinite love. It helped me further develop my “inner-marriage” of loving myself unconditionally. Mat played music and held the space beautifully, the purge is only about 30 minutes and then the next 3 days I had a noticeable increase in energy and mental clarity.
Nico T.

Kambo Jungle
Kambo Frog on Arm
Kambo Tribe
Kambo Frog
Kambo Frog

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