Life Coaching with Mat Chandler -Aurora Healing Arts, Gainesville, FL


Life Coaching – for me, the name doesn’t quite cut it, yet it does speak to the heart of the matter. Sometimes, we all need a little direction in life. Sometimes we need to get some clarity. Sometimes, just a little reflection to help find ourselves, ever more clearly.

This kind of Clarity Work is done through empathic, conscious communication. I endeavor to hold space for the person across from me, in a way that allows them to go deeper and deeper, finding what it is that they truly want in their life, and what they don’t. We will work together to create these things, and to release them. This is not* psychotherapy, it is better. Yes, you’ll look back at where you came from, but we won’t get stuck there. Very quickly, you’ll be able to see the root of the problem and what is keeping you there. You’ll also be able to find your way out of the darkness that you may feel trapped in and feel empowered in your actions to stay moving forward in this positive direction.

It is my goal to have no “goals” for you, but rather, to help you find your own and achieve them. Relationships, money, work, finding your life purpose, and anything else you bring to the table, I am confident that wherever you’re coming from and going to, we’ll be able to get there. I also do couples sessions upon request.

Life Coaching with Mat Chandler -Aurora Healing Arts, Gainesville, FL

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