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Yoga is not just a “practice” for me, but rather, a way of living. It’s a way of connecting with one’s inner most being, connecting with power, strength, awareness, the body, the mind and the emotions, and so much more. It is a way of living with integrity and love and the teachings that help you see through the illusion of the veil of life, for how to do this, more and more often. Yoga truly means, “Union,” Union with the Divine.

I have found my practice to be one of fluidity. I started in a very energetic practice, Kundalini Yoga, in which I traveled to China to learn (though originally based in India), and in which I am certified. I then picked up Hatha Yoga and a little T’ai Chi. At this point in my practice, I tailor what I am teaching to who is in the room, and spontaneously channel what is needed for all. You might find any or all of the above mentioned practices, and maybe even some dance (to some well-built musical playlists if you desire.) We will also include different kinds of meditation, from mantra to guided to silent. This stillness is at the core of the yoga practice.

I am open to traveling to you or to teaching you in Aurora Healing Arts, the center I founded in downtown Gainesville, a little over 3 years ago. I teach inside or outside, on the mat or off. I teach individuals or small groups of friends. I bring a practice that is as much spiritual as it is physical, and do my best to let the wisdom teachings I’ve learned throughout the years, channel through.

I enjoy private lessons of yoga for many reasons, but one of the most profound experiences of joy for is in supporting others to find that place of peace inside of themselves through a yoga and meditation practice that will last a lifetime. I hope to cutivate this with you.

Finding Balance
Finding Center
Mat Chandler - Sound Healing and Yoga
Yoga at Aurora - Gainesville, FL - picture by jared-rice-539485-unsplash
Yoga at Aurora Healing Arts Gainesville FL

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