Thai Massage

That Massage at Aurora Healing Arts, Gainesville, FL - with Mat Chandler

This beautiful art and spiritual practice of giving Thai massage is said to be the original healing modality of Jivaka, the medical practitioner of the Buddha. This modality works on the all levels of one’s being, from the physical muscles, ligaments and other soft connective tissue, to the energetic systems in the body that balance our state of being, to the emotions, and even the elements of earth, air, fire and water. 

This practice is originally referred to as Assisted Thai Yoga, because the nature of the practice is one that the practitioner helps the receiver into yoga postures (asanas) and while in that stretch, is also applying pressure and massaging the body. 

This form of massage was a longtime favorite of mine to receive before I trained in how to give, and now it is equally rewarding for me to get to give this form of care to others as it is for me to receive, in fact it often feels like I am getting to receive when I give.

I am thankful for this art and look forward to sharing with you. Please submit  message in the form below or give a call anytime to book a session.

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