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Fresh Ecuadorian Cacao

This raw product has been taken as the bean, dried and fermented, and then mashed into a paste. This beautiful plant medicine’s energy for opening the heart is a wonderful gift for oneself and loved ones. Explore one’s self, move stuck energy, and explore your nature with this plant ally from our beloved Pachamama (Mother Earth.) It’s grown on a bio-dynamic permaculture farm and is full of love and light.

Every bag comes with the Cacao Shaman’s Dream ceremonial recipe. Aside from sacred ceremonies, this Cacao makes a drink that is a great coffee replacement for the days you want a little boost but don’t want to be hooked on coffee any longer, and/or experiencing its sometimes ungrounding and jittery energy. This is calm, peaceful energy of a balanced heart and mind. Join us in spreading this goodness into the lives of many.

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