Mat Chandler in Peru - Founder of Aurora Healing Arts in Gainesville, FL

Meet the Founder of Aurora

Mat Chandler founded Aurora in early 2015. After the pain found in the death of his mother a few years before, he was thrown head first into a spiritual path he had not known before. Looking into religions and philosophies from around the world, he found that there was “no one way,” meaning that all paths seemed to be saying the same thing in many different ways. After the pain in his heart seized to “go away,” he knew he wanted to finding healing within himself, and in that process, found he wanted to provide a place to help others do the same.

Aurora was founded when he turned his energy of previous studies in architecture and business, towards manifestation in a new way, the creation of a healing arts center. Aurora was born out of pure love and passion to connect deeply with truth and to find what it means to truly live. In this cross-pollination of wisdom traditions from around the world, people are exposed to new ways of understanding and experiencing the innate wisdom within themselves and sharing it in deep connection with others, vulnerably, authentically. We invite you to join us here in community and connection, with yourself and others, “filling your cup” in a very heart-felt and real way.