Volunteer / Service-Exchange / Karma Yoga / Seva

Garden at Aurora Healing Arts - Gainesville, FL - annie-spratt-42051-unsplash

Come build a garden with us! Whether it’s checking people in at the door for the yoga classes,
painting some walls, sweeping the floor, or helping build a website!
Whatever it is that you’re willing to contribute to, we would love to have your help! 

Seva (selfless service) is such a beautiful way to feel good about actively creating the world you want to live in by giving some of your time to organizations that are doing good in your local community.

NGO’s (non-governmental organizations), such as Aurora Healing Arts, are usually small outfits.
We run primarily off of donations, and community support is much needed and very appreciated.

That being said, we believe that everything in the universe is based on a fair and even ENERGY-EXCHANGE.
 Therefore, the time you give, will be logged as a credit at Aurora and you can “cash it in” for yoga classes, cacao ceremonies, live music events and so much more!

We hope to hear from you soon! Please just fill out the form below if you’re interested and we’ll get back to you right away 🙂