Aurora Healing Arts is THE place. In a city as diverse as Gainesville, it melts my little heart to know that this commUnity of conscious creators exists at the levels it does! Their Sunday ecstatic dances are unbelievable. They’ll have you feeling high off love. I can’t say enough about how great Mat and the space he’s curated is~ ❤️
Henna H.
Aurora Healing Arts is such a beautiful space of many unique classes that are offered by Amazing healers, movers of all kinds. Ever since i stepped foot into Aurora it has changed my life in so many ways. From the yoga to cacao sound healing ceremonies and ecstatic dance has transformed my life. I am in Awe to be apart of this Sacred space and Evolve to our fullest selves. This place is like a welcoming home of magic. Mat is a Amazing person and has impact so many people that have stepped through this space. I am so grateful this place exists in Gainesville, in this thriving town! ❤️
Amber Rose
I hold the space of Aurora so very dear to my heart. I am beyond grateful to have found a sacred space to experience community and healing in a profound way. Aurora has become my temple, my church, my sanctuary. It seems to call each person in at exactly the right time, it is rich with Love, Light and wonderful people. Its a bit challenging to portray into typed words what Aurora Healing Arts has meant to me, so come and experience it for yourself 🙂
Ember R.
Where do I begin, if your looking for the space and a community to access your spiritual self and grow. AHA Is the place to do it. I give credit to Mat for fostering an open, free , non judgmental, and peaceful enviroment. If you choose to expericance the power of AHA you will venture into a new community that is unlike anything you have ever witnessed. The people are friendly respectful and mindful. They give an envoirment of family that you never knew you had. They host various functions and cerimonies. The location its self is wonderful as you will see various art work and by far the coolest wall murial in Gainesville. Youll have to stop by to see the greatness for yourself.
– One Life, Lived Together, Experienced Differently.
Nate S.
I went to my first ever Yoga class at Aurora but it was much more than a class. It was a life changing experience. Mat is awesome. Very kind and inspiring and motivating but not pushy. I’m almost 60 and really out of shape but I was never pushed past my comfort zone further than I could safely go. I’m under a lot of stress and I left the experience feeling so relaxed and at peace. Will definitely be attending more events. The atmosphere is so serene and there is so much love flowing around the room it is amazing. Many thanks to Mat for being so patient. I have recommended Aurora to others because it was such an uplifting gathering of like minded souls. Namaste. I can’t wait for the next opportunity to participate in whatever is taking place at this amazing location.
Jennifer J.
Amazing experience. I went for a yoga class and loved every minute of it. The center is extremely welcoming and calming. Mat was so friendly and inspiring!
Chrissy S.
I’ve attended a community handpan sound immersion at Aurora Healing Arts. The space is intimate and well appointed with wonderful acoustics. Beautiful paintings and artwork help create an atmosphere of Zen mystical enchantment.
John G.