“Speed-Friending” – Communication & Community-Building Workshop

Speed-Friending at Aurora

We started this heart connecting event with brief introductions and an explanation for our attendance. Mat moved on to a 30 minute discussion on reflective listening, empathy, and ways in which we disrupt connection through modes of selfish communication such as: interrupting, deflecting, advice giving, praise, etc. After Mat’s presentation, we had a brief question and answer session before the exercises began.

We started each partner switch with an energy exchanging exercise in which we made eye contact with our partner of our choice for a few minutes before moving on to a specific topic discussion. Every 5 minutes, partners would switch and the other would get to speak on the topic.

We then switched partners after every topic discussion to have a new topic for discussion with a new partner. We talked about our painful pasts, heart break, joy, success, love, and trauma all whist creating a sacred space of confidentiality, understanding, and empathy. There were tears of sadness and of joy, laughter, releases of anger, and comforting hope knowing that we were all there experiencing these moments together.

Everyone had a great time and expressed their interest in attending more workshops in the future. Everyone was  left hungry for more intimate and deep connection through reflective listening. Each person made a new friend that night and went home feeling not so alone.