Alejandro Boullon

Alejandro Boullon is a Multi-Instrumentalist, Sound Wizard and Bodyworker. He holds many certifications in the Healing Arts. He is a Acutonics & Biodynamic Cranial Touch Practitioner, Esalen Certified Bodyworker, Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified in Thai Massage.

Alejandro is also the creator and musical director of Dream Lotus, a unique immersive experience in sound and vibration that offers a place to rest deeply and attune to well-being through sound healing meditation. He offers a bouquet of healing sound that includes Alchemical and Tibetan singing bowls, Hand Pan, Rav & Tank drums, Acoustic Guitar, Planetary Gong and Tuning Forks, Kalimba, Xylophone and Santoor. He is a passionate musician with a deep and compassionate understanding of the physical and energetic bodies. Alejandro also runs a private healing practice under Healing Body in Gainesville, Florida.