Madhavi Glick

Breathwork is a self-healing therapy that can treat a variety of physical, mental, as well as emotional problems. This can be done by oxygenating the body through regulated breathing techniques. Once the body is oxygenated the nervous system will clean itself out. During this time many subtle and physical stresses will be released and relieved. Depending on the condition many things can be experienced. On the bodily level there can be pain relief, toxin release, higher energy levels, increased appetite, better sleep, and overall relaxation. On the mental level there will be clarity, euphoria, a feeling of fortitude, increased creativity, a better ability to cope with problems and a quieter mind to make easier decisions. On the emotional level there will be a release of crippling emotions such as trauma, depression, grief, frustration, resentment, anger etc. Everyone leaves a breathwork session feeling good and in an uplifted mood. I have been practicing for over 8 years and have not received any negative feedback. My clients have been satisfied knowing that I am confidential and provide a safe environment for the therapy. I look forward to sharing this process and helping create better healthier lives.